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In the mute August afternoon ………. …… Great pleasure was it to be there 

August,   Algernon Charles Swinburne


Felix. `` Hail, Tree. hail supreme, magnificent Tree.`` 

 Tree. `` Yes.`` 

 Felix. `` Yes, Tree! You are the top of your kind, splendidly robed; you merely toss a glance and the pack of challengers slink away. You are a Philip of Macedon! `` 

 Tree. `` Yes, but in a few weeks, the year and I with it, will be in descent. `` 

 Felix. ``Yes, but your Summer panoply will stay in our minds. Solitary, stand or forest, trees can revive our souls; their smells, arching back to look up into their canopies, the patterns of the leaves or needles.``

A rustle seemed to pass over Tree. I stood for a good time in the wonderful, balmy evening air not speaking, but yet speaking with Tree. Then I said good night and moved off.

© Peter Soden 2015